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Guidance Software and Blue Coat join forces

Partnership Integrates Endpoint and Network Security to Deliver Comprehensive Visibility of Modern and Zero-day Cyber Threats.

Guidance Software, Inc. the World Leader in Digital Investigations™, and Blue Coat Systems, Inc.,  the market leader in business assurance technology, announced that they are partnering to deliver a groundbreaking approach for detecting evasive cyber threats. The partnership will integrate EnCase® Cybersecurity with the Blue Coat Security Analytics Platform to provide an unprecedented level of visibility into both network traffic and endpoint devices that will enable enterprises to close the gap between breach and detection.

According to Ponemon Research, 90 percent of businesses report at least one breach over the previous 12 months. And, the Verizon Data Breach Report found that while the majority of advanced targeted attacks took seconds, minutes or hours to compromise targets, 78 percent of breaches took weeks, months or years to discover. This data points to a gap between the occurrence of a breach and discovery, resulting from incomplete visibility that traditional security solutions provide into all traffic and endpoints on the network.

The combined Security Analytics Platform and EnCase Cybersecurity solution will enable enterprises to gain a 360-degree view of all endpoint data and network traffic across their organizations—allowing proactive identification and remediation of threats that have bypassed traditional security technologies. As a result, organizations will be able to rapidly correlate data-in-motion with data-at-rest, and share actionable intelligence across information security stakeholders. The result is a dramatic reduction in the time needed to detect and remediate incidents.

Organizations today are aware of the evolving threat landscape and are operating under the assumption of compromise. Blue Coat’s comprehensive reach into network traffic helps organizations with this mindset quickly find unknown network security threats. Combined with the full visibility into the endpoint that EnCase provides, organizations can rapidly correlate network and endpoint intelligence to strengthen their ability to hunt and destroy cyber threats to their business.

said Anthony Di Bello, director of strategic partnerships, Guidance Software.

EnCase Cybersecurity helps organizations implement a risk-assessment plan and rapid response process that complements and extends existing technologies and provides a critical capability at the endpoint. The Blue Coat Security Analytics Platform acts as a camera on the network, providing clear, actionable intelligence about security threats to applications, files and web content. Combined, these solutions will help organizations proactively tackle today’s sophisticated and stealthy attacks.

Today’s threat landscape demands an integrated approach to advanced persistent threats that can bridge the gap between prevention and incident containment and remediation. Partnering with Guidance Software demonstrates our commitment to delivering an integrated and open architecture that allows our customers to fortify their security posture.

said Alex Seton, vice president of corporate development for the Advanced Threat Protection group at Blue Coat Systems.



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