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Submit Your Panasonic Case Success Story Now And Win Twice

Case studies and the documented reference customer are important to gain the confidence of new clients.

Now you have the opportunity to communicate to Panasonic about the success stories that you have and Panasonic will help you in the compilation and putting the best case studies as references in Europe in a suitable format that you can use to show to your new customers.

And you win twice!!! Because if your case study is chosen as one of the 5 best success stories around Central East Europe, it will be published online, and printed in a case study format, recognizing your company as a Panasonic Partner. As one of the best 5 you will receive 1000 printed copies of your case study in a very nice format with your logo and Panasonic logo using that to show to your new customers giving you the opportunity to close more business. Also you can win a great trip if you are chosen as one of the three best case studies to UK London, the Panasonic Solution Center and Panasonic Toughbook factory in 2015.

Register your case study now or not later than 31st June 2015 using the case study form here: LINK TO THE SUBMISSION FORM

All projects realized from 1st April 2014 to 31st June 2015 can take part in the contest.  
Please send the submission form (CSC_SubmissionForm.xls) to your local Panasonic representative:


  • If you are selected we will publish your success story, you can use in order to get the confidence of new customers, giving the opportunity to approach to new business!

  • You can be one of the best Partners in your country and also in all the Europe, and you can win a trip to UK!

  • We can all learn why important customers choose Panasonic, helping you to close more business opportunities!

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