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Veracomp Group - stable development in 2015 in Central and Eastern Europe

Revenues from the sale of IT solutions offered by the Group Veracomp increased in 2015 by 3 percent - to the level of 207 million euro. Veracomp company recorded the largest, almost double increase in turnover, in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Veracomp Group sells IT solutions in 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe through several companies. These include: Veracomp SA (Poland), Veracomp s.r.o. (Czech Republic, Slovakia), Veracomp Europe s.r.l. (Romania) and Veracomp d.o.o. (Adriatic countries). On the other hand, through the company Compendium Education Center, Veracomp group provides specialized IT training for companies and institutions. Cumulative revenue of the group in 2015 amounted to 207 million euro and were about 3 percent higher than in 2014.

In the case of activities carried out in foreign markets by Veracomp companies, turnover almost doubled to EUR 17.3 million euro. In Poland, revenues from the distribution of IT solutions in 2015 amounted to 187 million euro and were slightly lower (1 percent) than a year earlier.

“Looking at the results of the entire group for the past year, we can speak of a stable Veracomp development. In the case of the Polish market slightly lower revenues were results of the gap in financing of investments from European funds. However, a temporary decrease in demand in the segment of large-scale projects we completed by increased market share in almost all technologies. In the countries of the region where we operate by a local company, we noted very good results. This is due to take over contracts from other distributors and implementing proven business model in Poland. At the group level, we noted the fastest development in the areas of security, video conferencing, and open source solutions" - said Adam Rudowski, CEO, Veracomp.

Most important changes that took place in 2015 include the acquisition by Veracomp s.r.o. department for distribution of Red Hat solutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the expanded portfolio with Huawei, Emerson Network, Entrust Datacard, Gigamon solutions and increase employment in the Group Veracomp by approx. 20 percent.


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