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Veracomp: new logo and visual identification

Veracomp SA – the largest VAD in Poland – introduced a new visual identification that represents long-term strategy changes introduced over the years in the company. The new logo and all visual materials are accompanied by a new web site.

Veracomp history started in 1991 and from the beginning, it has been focused on advanced IT solutions and knowledge sharing. Over the years, the business concept has changed – the most important innovation was the introduction of the VAD (Value Added Distribution) model, as well as technical and business support. But Veracomp is mostly about people and that was the inspiration for a new logo.

The symbol that is an integral part of Veracomp’s new logo is a graphical depiction of a circle of hands directed to the center, which represents human potential and cooperation. Additionally, by tilting the symbol we convey the dynamics that are characteristic for new technologies and expansion. We also wanted to emphasize the energy and motivation to success, that’s why the new logo is in red.

Anna Styrylska, Marketing Director, Veracomp SA.

Apart from the new visualization and logo, Veracomp’s web page has been changed to include the new logotype’s colors – red and grey. The page has been redesigned and rebuilt with a new layout and content. The most important Partner information are in the “Sectors” section, where Veracomp introduced solutions for administration, industry, health care, financial and insurance sectors. Veracomp’s full offer can be found in the “Specialties” section. An additional section is dedicated to cooperation, technical and business support.

We wanted our web page to be a useful and user-friendly tool for our Partners and for anyone seeking information about pioneer IT solutions. Now anyone can find useful information on how IT can help in their branch of work. Veracomp’s new web site is our Internet business card that shows who we are and what we can achieve by working together.

Anna Styrylska, Marketing Director, Veracomp SA.


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