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Veracomp offices working days during Christmas and New Year Holiday

We would like to inform you that at 24th of December 2014, 2nd and 5th of January 2015 Veracomp offices will be closed.

Parcels will be delivered according to following schedudle:
- parcel send at 23rd of December will be delivered at 29th of December. - at request parcel may be delivered at 24th or 27th of December
- parcel send at 30th of December will be delivered at 2nd of January. - at request parcel may be delivered at 31st of December.
- parcel send at 31st of December will be delivered at 5th of January (not on 2nd of January). - at request parcel ma be delivered at 3rd of January.

To request parcel delivery at specific date please contact sales manager at Veracomp SA or add note in "Additional information" form at V-ZAM system.


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