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VXi Lowers the Boom on Background Noise with the BlueParrott Reveal Bluetooth Headset

VXi’s best-of-both-worlds solution for mobile professionals, the BlueParrott® Reveal™, features an extendable microphone boom to knock out up to 90% of ambient noise.

VXi Corporation introduced the BlueParrott Reveal today, their first extendable-boom Bluetooth® headset designed for mobile professionals. The Reveal is the first headset to give mobile professionals the best of both worlds—a small form factor and VXi’s signature noise-canceling effectiveness.

A Short History

The Bluetooth headsets of choice for many users are those short, often boomless devices seen dangling from people’s ears. The problem with most of these models is that they don’t sound very good. Noise-canceling microphones work by proximity, and they just don’t work as effectively when they’re far from the user’s mouth. But VXi, the headset company that has built its reputation on innovative designs that deliver ever-better sound quality, knew there had to be a better way. So they looked for a practical way to satisfy consumer preference, without sacrificing the sound quality BlueParrott’s larger headsets are known for.

One Little Inch Makes a Big Difference

It wasn’t easy. But after much R&D, VXi devised an ingenious, best-of-both-worlds solution: a smaller Bluetooth headset with an extendable microphone boom. With the Reveal, when ambient noise is low to moderate, users can leave the boom in its retracted position, and still enjoy much-better-than-average noise canceling. When life gets loud, they simply slide Reveal’s boom out. This puts Reveal’s microphone about an inch closer to the user’s mouth, for exceptional sound quality and a 90% reduction in ambient noise.

The compact Reveal also features strong wideband audio output that’s easy to hear and understand. Near Field Communications (NFC), for easy, instant pairing. Multipoint pairing, for use with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. A2DP support, for streaming audio from other Bluetooth devices. And 7 hours of talk time per charge. Reveal also comes equipped with a full complement of accessories: carrying case, USB cable and car charger, as well as a choice of earbuds and earhooks.

“The VXi BlueParrott Reveal is the best Bluetooth solution for mobile professionals,” said Mike Ferguson, VXi’s president and CEO. “Our ingenious extendable mic boom is the latest example of VXi’s customer-centric innovations. It’s one we’re particularly proud of, because it resolved consumers’ conflicting needs in an elegant, and very effective way.”

Pricing & Availability

The Reveal has an MSRP of $119.99 and is available now through VXi BlueParrott retailers and resellers. It is also available online at, and on the company’s website.



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