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Professional services

This is additional technical support for the IT systems integrators. Veracomp offers it to the business partners who want to broaden their area of activity, gain new competence and, in effect, attend to existing clients' needs in a more complex way or expand the number of clients. Our portfolio of professional services includes a wide range of technologies and solutions.

All professional services are provided by the team of engineers who are experienced in designing and implementing advanced IT solutions. The entire process of service provision is supervised by certified project managers in accordance with the international standards.

When can you benefit from Veracomp professional services?

  • During the implementation of projects based on a new technology, or one that is unknown to the partner.
  • In case of isolated purchases and projects – when a systems integrator is not specialized in a given technology and does not have it in his regular offer, but is planning to carry out an isolated project for a client.
  • When there is an independent subject needed to provide the service, for instance in case of audits and penetration tests.

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