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Technical Services

Veracomp is the first reliable Polish distributor of services that are provided exclusively through business partners.


A service including installation, configuration and training of technical staff, which makes it possible for trade partners to benefit from the Veracomp competence background. Within the framework of this service, the solutions purchased at Veracomp through a business partner are installed and configured on behalf of the company by the distributor’s engineers.


Technical support service, within the framework of which Veracomp offers on-line contact with service engineers. The service is available for a final client on behalf of the business partner. The service also includes a possibility of solving a specified number of technical problems during a period of service (usually one year) via telephone or the Internet.


Veracomp offers the logistics service option for business partners who are interested in providing substitute products to their clients during the time when equipment is repaired. With the aim to implement its services, Veracomp holds special warehouses (swap-stock), in which substitute equipment is stored. There are two options of services available:

  • AHB (Advanced Hardware Backup), making the substitute equipment available for the time of repair.
  • SOS (Service on Site), when the substitute equipment is installed and configured on the site by a Veracomp engineer.

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